Money At Bonefish Grill How Much Money Can A Server (waitress) Make At Bonefish Grill A Week?

How much money can a server (waitress) make at Bonefish Grill a week? - money at bonefish grill

My roommate of two months (a friend of a friend) worked as a waitress / server at Bonefish Grill for three years. She works 5-6 nights a week and will always work on the weekends. However, since she moved with her said he was not enough money to send me the amount we had agreed. If you for Bonefish Grill as a server, you could tell me how much money you earn and how often do you have planned? Thank you.


Mary said...

Of course, it depends on how busy the restaurant, but they usually earn between $ 100 - $ 160 per night.

ReRe said...

During the week I would say anywhere in the 50-80 and the weekend should be the min. 100-120 Night

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